Two pals photographed in a portable studio

Two pals photographed in a portable studio

Many photographers in the 1800s practiced their trade on the go setting up portable studios on streets,boardwalks and county fairs.Photos were taken in such spaces,developed and sold on the spot.
Here we have two friends who may have stumbled on a photographer on the street.Debris is strewn throughout the floor and we can see the dark back drop and drapes pulled together over head.The men stand together with left and right feet touching between them.The man on our right has his hand on the shoulder of the other to steady their pose.The photographer embellished the men’s watch and chains with gold leaf.

Like all the Tintypes and Daguerreotypes in this blog I photograph the images using my digital camera.I found that it is impossible to get a good reproduction using my home scanner.This one was very difficult to capture I picked through two dozen shots taken in the later part of the day but still came up with some glare problems.Of course there is also scratching and chipping of the original surface but then after 100 + years this relic has stood the test of time.With proper care and preservation this little photograph will survive long after I have passed from this earth.

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