Group of young women


The second of the studio tintypes from my recent estate sale excursion.Such a sweet shot of four beautiful young women. Were they sisters, cousins or friends?I am afraid we will never know.When I think about the large amount of tintypes and cabinet cards pulled from the albums that they were kept in for well over 100 years,it just breaks my heart.Who would not want these,how can such a record be broken up? Photographs that were cherished for so many years by a family are now in the hands of random collectors like myself or antique dealers to be sold all over again.A complete family record lost over a weekend sale.Unfortunately this happens at estate sales,flea markets and antique shops every week of the year.
I hope that by collecting and sharing the photographs to this blog will help preserve these forgotten faces.

Little Girl holding onto a split rail fence

Here is another tintype from this past weekends estate sale. In the last post a split rail fence can be seen in the field behind the sitting family. I like to think that one of the photographers took this photo in the same field on that same day but there is no way to tell.
A beautiful portrait of a little girl who seems frightened and unsure of what is just about to take place.

More from this family of tintypes in the next post

A photographer in the family


I recently picked up a number of tintypes from a local estate sale.Cabinet cards, Tintypes and some CDVs were sadly pulled from 3 large family albums and spread across a fold up table to be sold individually .There were close to 60 tins and as many cabinet cards to look at  so I had to choose carefully.The first one that caught my eye was this incredible image of a photographer getting ready to shoot a family portrait. 

Its possible that the photographer was a friend and/or member of the family and may have been a working photographer? The location of the photo is unknown but many of the Cabinet cards were from Syracuse New York and New Haven Connecticut.

I also purchased several other tintype photos that were shot outdoors including two studio photos,one of a group of young girls and a man in a military(?)uniform I will share those in a future post