I created this blog to share the images that I have collected over the past several years.This blog will concentrate on Victorian era photography but images from the 1920s thru the 1940s will make appearances.Letters,Journals,Artwork and other related paper work will be included and/or featured as well.
Paper images Like Cabinet cards ,Carte De Visite or Snapshots will be scanned and Tintypes, Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes will be photographed(to the best of my ability).
I will include handwritten information left by the original owners on these images and info found online when possible.

Comments and feedback from any visitors to this blog will be very much appreciated.This is a work in progress so corrections and updates to previous post will be ongoing.The main goal with this is in sharing the photography.

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  1. Sergio,
    My name is Yvette. My boyfriend, Sergio got some old records from you. (We met at a gas station in Ontaro)
    I remembered your blog. I have a question. I bought this old diary from 1919. It belonged to a woman named Loys De Kay. She was an up and coming silent film star. Ive done alot of reseach on her. In her diary, she includes receipts, newspaper clippings, cards. SHe talks about ALOT of famous people she hangs around with. Many silent film stars, writers, directors, musicians. Its VERY detailed. I know alot about her by tracking her down thru Ancestry.com. She had written a book called, “The Way It Was” I bought it. SHes on the cover with Rudolph Valentino).Some of her works are in the the museum of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. She has a few manuscripts there. She died in 1993 in La Quinta, Ca.
    Anyway, I printed out everything I can find about her. People she talked about. Places she went. She had an affair with a Charles Sharp Minor, who was an organist at Graumans. But he was married and it was a big scandal. Anyway, I know you collect old records, and photos. DO you think there is value to this diary? I dont know where to go to find out. I thought maybe you would know. I appreciate your help. Ive emailed several other people to see if they had answers for me. Thank you. Have a great day!

    • Sure there is value but to put an exact $$ value on it may be impossible.Collectors of silent era movie items would be jazzed to have it especially if the diary contains juicy stories.Personally I think the value (without seeing it)is what ever someone is going to pay,dealers will want it that way they could flip it for more money a collector would add it to his/her collection,as a blogger I would interested in owning it as well that way I could reproduce the diary on this blog for everyone to see and make it available for research purposes.Nice find!!
      Email me some pages I would love to see it

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