Picking and Drinking


Here is a real interesting photo.A group of men playing stringed instruments and drinking what is probably the latest batch of something made out in the woods.One man is pouring a glass while the others play away.The banjo player’s flailing hand is a blur,backing up the two fiddlers.There are plenty of bottles on the table and on the ground.What a day of music and drinking that must have been.
This photo was developed today using the original glass negative.Thanks Cherie!!

Michigan street scene


A great street scene on a CDV possibly of the village/Town of schoolcraft Michigan.There is such amazing detail in this little image.

Photographed by M.M. Ripperton
School Craft Michigan

I pulled this from the schoolcraft village web page


The Village of Schoolcraft was the first settlement established in Kalamazoo County. In fact, the original Village was platted in 1831, six years before Michigan became a state.
Following the War of 1812, President James Madison realized the government would be unable to pay the veterans who had fought in the war. However, there was an abundance of land available for homesteading.
President Madison directed Edwin Tiffin, Surveyor-General, to survey Michigan for homesteading. The expedition was not successful. He found the land in Michigan to be barren, sandy, swampy, and in other words, only capable of producing scrub oak. He further reported the land to be worthless for farming purposes.
Lewis Cass, Governor of the Michigan Territory, was angered by the report. Many pioneers decided not to settle in Michigan because of the report.
As a result, the Governor commissioned his own survey and chose Henry Rower Schoolcraft, renowned for his expertise in Mineralogy, to accompany him and his group.
The survey was a success and the report was published in eastern newspapers. As a result, the survey changed the public’s perception of Michigan. This eventually attracted pioneers to Michigan.
Lucas Lyon, who had settled in the area and who had also been a member of the Cass expedition, as well as a friend of Schoolcraft, decided to name to Village in his honor.

Rosie the Riveter


I thought this was just an amazing image when I found it.A large crowd had formed around a vendor at the flea market where I do much of my photo hunting.This vendor had piles of Aviation photography and the crowd was digging in, luckily I was able to reach for this one when I had the chance.I was able to pick up another image of a woman working on an airplane that I will post later.
Don’t know who the photographer was but whoever shot this image knew what they were doing.I am sure he is very well known.
Shot sometime in the early 1940s

Victorian Homes in Southern California


 One of the other photos from this lot  had “Estate in So Cal”written on the back.It is possible that these homes are in or near  San Bernardino or in Redlands CA were I found these Cabinet cards.The mountains in the back ground sure seem familiar.
But then these might also be in Los Angeles with the San Gabriel mountains beyond.

 I wonder if they are still standing?



This one may be a church?