Susan E Hawkins of Minneapolis Minnesota


1/9 plate Daguerreotype

The 1857 Minnesota State Census shows a Susan E. Hawkins, age 20, living in Minneapolis. She was born in New Hampshire. Her parents were Leonard, age 58, and Olivia, 52. Interestingly, the 1880 U.S. Census for Minnesota shows this same Susan Hawkins still living in Minneapolis but now with the married name of Susan Chowen ( husband George W. Chowen). She was then 42 years old, with three children, and her mother Olivia was living with them. Find A Grave shows that Susan Chowen died October 8, 1924. She and her husband, George, are buried in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis



Woman photographed some time in the 1850s


So I was less then creative in the title for this image but tonight I finally got around to taking a good photo of one of the earliest images in my collection  so I wanted to post this right away.This daguerreotype was found without a case but the copper binding that holds the cover glass was still intact, I carefully removed both for a clearer photo.I think this image is very beautiful.


Happily married couple

Couple photographed 1850s

Ok so I am trying to be funny with the title post here.This is the first of my Daguerreotypes that I will be posting.I just recently found a technique for photographing these.Since the reflective surface makes this hard I cut a hole in a piece of black card board and stuck my lens through.I had to back away a bit as to not get the reflection of the lens and used my zoom to capture this image.

There is dust on the inside of the glass

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