Its only a Paper Moon



  Two Photo postcards of Men posing with a Paper Moon.Photos like these were usually taken at Carnivals and Fairs,local boardwalks also had photographers with this same set up.Moon photos were popular in the early 1900s into the 1930s.Photographs like these have also been found on Tintypes and Cabinet Cards from the 1880s and 1890s.


Stick em up!!


A real picture post card with 8 Women,one is pointing a gun at the other seven.I wonder if she is holding a real gun?
Mid or late 1900

Indian Brass band Empire day Celebration Prince Rupert British Columbia May 24 1911


I dont know to much about this photograph except what is written on the image itself and the websight for the Prince Rupert City and Regional Archives.Similar Images are posted possibly from the same photographer

Combined Indian band Empire day Celebration Prince Rupert British Columbia May 24 1911

People gathered around Indian Band on GTP dock at Empire Day celebrations.
Empire Day Bands – First Nations Docks,Grand Trunk Pacific

Mexican Family in Saint Paul Minnisota


To my eyes this appears to be two Mexican families posing for this photo ,possibly two siblings and their spouses??The woman have similar features.One friend who is from Mexico viewed this photo and said that maybe they could be “Indio’s” as he put it in Spanish meaning Indigenous persons from South America.Most likely they are Mexicans of Indian decent.
Very interesting family Portrait

There is what looks like a tear in the lower left of the photo but that blemish is part of the print.I think the original glass negative was broke and then the print was made.

Family with a Horse and Buggy


A nice shot of a couple with a Horse and Buggy.Again very nice detail for the small Carte de Visite.A man holds the Horse by its halter while a woman sits in the buggy holding what looks like a baby a forth figure is seen standing behind the buggy on the front porch of the house.
Photo studios of Walter Boughton and sons in Lowestoft UK