National Orange show San Bernardino California 1913


Photographs from the California citrus trade show from 1913.

From Wikipedia
he National Orange Show Festival is an annual festival held in San Bernardino County, California since 1911 to promote the citrus industry; .[1] At its popularity between 1960 to the mid-1980s, the event ran a full two weeks during the month of March and featured displays from most counties in California. The show was cancelled for five years, from 1942 to 1946, due to World War 2[2]Due to a changing economic environment, the show has been downsized considerably with a local community emphasis, instead of a national or state one, and is now a weekend event.

Now it is Actually a flea market.


My home city is represented with a display advertising the great road race around grand avenue.







This color image is from the web all others are original photographs that I found at the Long beach flea market in the summer of 2013

Woman photographed some time in the 1850s


So I was less then creative in the title for this image but tonight I finally got around to taking a good photo of one of the earliest images in my collection  so I wanted to post this right away.This daguerreotype was found without a case but the copper binding that holds the cover glass was still intact, I carefully removed both for a clearer photo.I think this image is very beautiful.


Young girl in Pomona California


In my opinion the photographer did a bad job here leaving so much space above the girls head when he could have photographed her whole body.Its possible that studio help took the photo or the camera moved?
I have included this photo here for its rarity.I seldem find California Cabinet cars.Pomona is only 20 minutes from where this blog originates Pomona is also about 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.