Sally Hosey Child Parsons

DSCF9571  Tintype 1/16 plate
On the back is a tag that reads Grandma Parsons, Sally hosey Child Parsons,Born 1806

This Tintype along with two Abrotypes were found together at a shop several months ago.One was posted earlier to this blog as “Dr Mason photographed in Boston” and the second Ambrotype is now posted below.The woman photographed here as well as the man from Boston both have such amazing detail all 3 were probably taken in the late 1850s or very early 1860s possibly by the very same photographer.

Now I do not know for certain that these images are all from Boston but since  all 3 were found together and all 3 are the same size and matted the same way leads me to think that they could be,this of course is just a guess,but it is a good guess!






Ruby Ambrotype 1/16 plate

Stella White holding her High School diploma

Stella White holding her High School diploma

A young girl by the name of Stella West holds in her gloved hands a high school diploma,A proud moment for any family.
Unfortunately this cabinet card was badly trimmed probably to fit in an old Victorian style photo album so any info as to where it was taken is lost.
But the young girls name is easily read on the diploma.
This photo came from a flea market dealer selling 4 Albums of Cabinet Cards,CDVs and Tintypes,I picked this out of a box of mixed photographs also from the same family lot much of which had been photographed in Iowa.