Young men in class photo

Group of Rail workers

Here is a group photo of what I first believed were rail transportation workers,Someone who saw this photo and corrected my mistake  identified this photo as a group of German students by the cap each young man wears.This is most likely a photo of a graduating class.

Student cap

Beautifully Photographed Woman


I love the detail of this tintype this Woman is so very beautiful. I removed the glass to get a clear photo with out glare .The photographer detailed in gold leaf her earing, brooch and pocket watch or locket that is pinned to her waist.


On the left side of the copper frame is a makers mark



as well as the right side



I am assuming that these are the marks of the manufacture of the copper frame and not the photographer.

This tintype was found with the top of the case missing here is the back detail.


Armenian refugee


This was found in a local antique shop there were other photos in this lot showing many female refugees and one photo of horribly emaciated young boys.The dealer told me this was part of a much larger collection that had very horrible photos featuring scenes of mass genocide.That part of the collection was sold and only a few photos remained.I can not begin to imagine what horror this poor woman saw and went through.Such sadness in her eyes.

The photos were compiled by a missionary group out of Pasadena California

Young actor in the role of Ralph Rackstraw in a production of Gilbert and sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore


late 1870s-80s

I could not find on the web any references to productions of the musical H.M.S. Pinafore in The Los Angeles area,it is possible that this actor could have been on tour with a company who brought the production to the city at that time.


Theatre poster for an American production, c. 1879

Young woman and Grandparents




A young woman seen here with what are most likely her Grandparents.I removed both tintypes to take a clearer photograph free of reflection.This tintype could be dated early 1860s?An inscription behind the elderly couple reads Grandfather and Grandmother. Although the writing could have happened years later by another relative and the couple could very well be the young woman’s parents.