Family pets

scan0550 scan0549


Two cabinet cards of small dogs from the very back of a large victorian photo album.Thus album featured over 50  very well preserved cabinet cards,unfortantaly none of the cards were labeled with any persons names.

In the the future I may devote entire post to feature complete  photo albums

Husband and Wife

Interesting CDV of what appears to be a married couple.Notice the ring on the young womans left hand, we can also see freckles on her face.The man looks to be a bit older.
I would like to think that he could be her father but he probably is not.

Young Women posing with Guitars and mandolins


Here is a large photo I found at the flea market.An interesting shot because of how the women are holding or not holding their instruments.
They certianly looked bored and chances are they might not even play these Instruments.The Women in the back row are holding mandolins and the front row guitars lean against their legs.Most photographs of musicians that I find or see musicians are usually holding Instruments proudly like they know how to play or pose in playing action shots.This remains a bit of a mystery to me.Who knows they could have sounded amazing?