A rare smile

tin 007

Unlike the previous post we have here a very rare smile.I can not say that I have very many photographs in my collection where the subject has given the photographer much of a smile.Here we have a fantastic smile.It almost seems that the photographer made some kind of joke and the woman here seems ready to burst into laughter.Her husband seems like he may have caught the joke as well.


tin 001


tin 014



Happily married couple

Couple photographed 1850s

Ok so I am trying to be funny with the title post here.This is the first of my Daguerreotypes that I will be posting.I just recently found a technique for photographing these.Since the reflective surface makes this hard I cut a hole in a piece of black card board and stuck my lens through.I had to back away a bit as to not get the reflection of the lens and used my zoom to capture this image.

There is dust on the inside of the glass

ooooo 002

Beautiful woman with a feather in her hat

small cabinet card of woman

This photo is small like a CDV but much longer, maybe a type mini cabinet card?This was found with a number of tintypes at an estate sale last summer.Mutiple albums were removed of their contents and spread across a table for purchase I picked some tintypes (see the post “photographer in the family”and several posted after that. ) and this one CDV.I think it is a shame that those photos were sold the way they were I wanted so much to buy them all but at first day estate sale prices I picked a small amount.
There were a number of cabinete cards but this small CDV was the most interesting and beautiful of all and the only CDV for sale.

Woman holding a book.

Woman with book,gold chain

This is a very small tintype maybe only an inch from side to side.The woman holds a book or photo album in her lap probably given to her by the photographer to prop her hands on.Her cheeks and scarf are lightly colored and her chain is touched up in gold leaf.Unfortunately some kind of adhesive attached to this long ago,still the overall detail in this photograph is wonderful.