Studio Portrait of Four Men


Another interesting portrait of four men who look Like they could be farmers.Now if we think about my comment for a minute at the time this photographed was taken most of the united states and much of the world families were very much involved with their own food production whether it was running a local farm producing dairy and meats close to one of the many new towns popping up across the landscape or a small homestead in the country growing its own vegetables and meat.A Family homestead would most likely have a cow for milk and meat,goats,chickens and a team of horses to hitch to the family wagon or to pull one of the many tools to help work the land.So an an image of Men like this was very common scene into the 1930s.
Today less then 2% of the united states is involved with food production of any sort.
As a collector of antique images and blogger I am very happy and blessed to call myself one of that 2 percent.