Little girl photographed over time



Here are a number of photographs of the same little girl taken over a short period of time from infant to about the age of 5?The infant photos are ruined by age or someones hand so I included those at the very end of this post.I am starting with what seems to me the next photo taken of the girl and progress to a much older image.All photographs came in copper frames with glass to protect the image but only one came with a wood case.

This first one here is by far my favorite of the lot.My image does not do the tintype justice at all the depth and detail are simply amazing.



This next photograph is the only one that came with a case the photograph underneath looks to be from the same session.




4.Now here is a photo of two children I believe the one on the right is the little girl in the rest of the photographs but there are some  similar features in the child to the left. My thinking is that it is a boy since he is wearing pants a button up shirt and collar.



Here is another amazing image again so much depth and detail.




7. the only Ambrotype in the lot.




Here she is again looking much older photographed with a studio back drop.This is the only tintype to come without any type of protecting frame or glass




ooooo 003          ooooo 002

These last two could be the same girl as an infant but someone opened these up and rubbed out the face of both photos.I decided it would be best to photograph these with out their protective frames.

Woman photographed by a traveling photographer

The hair of the woman was poorly touched up by the photographer or the original owner of the photograph.

In the “Collector’s Guide to 19th Century U.S. Traveling Photographers” by Robert O. Brown.  There is an indication that this photographer had locations in Keokuk and Manchester, Iowa… Brown thinks the blank line after “New Photograph Parlors,” is probably an indication of an itinerant photographer, although apparently was set up with an address, at least in the two towns above. A big Thanks goes to Jerilyn Marshall for this info.


Vaudeville performers


Unknown Vaudeville performers.This photo was found here at Southern California flea market.There was several more photos in this lot but I chose to purchase just this one.All the photos were framed and ready to hang so I wondered if they had not come out of a local office or theater.I had learned that a friend who picks this market had bought a photograph of Vaudeville star Eddie Cantor in a “Shiek of Araby” costume from this same dealer.