E.P.”Press” Hardy Performer and Later Manager of Whitmore and Clarks Minstrels




From Hobby-Band wagon August 1947

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In the spring of 1860 the “Broadway Minstrels” was organized with George Clark,O,A, Whitmore ,Sam Brock and Hank White co-stars and equal owners.
They played the small towns of new Hampshire until the “stars” enlisted in the union Army.
In 1864 and 1865 the show was known as “Whitmore & Thompson’s Minstrels” and besides touring new England showed in New York state and Canada,holding their old public and gaining new admirers.
In 1866 Hardy of Keene New Hampshire became a partner and general manager of the show which opened that season as “Whitmore and Clarks minstrels” which title was retained till it was taken off the road in Vermont November 22,1875

A small reference to the company can also be found on page 130 of
Burnt Cork and Tambourines: A Source Book of Negro Ministrelsy
edited by William L. Slout