Beautiful woman with a feather in her hat

small cabinet card of woman

This photo is small like a CDV but much longer, maybe a type mini cabinet card?This was found with a number of tintypes at an estate sale last summer.Mutiple albums were removed of their contents and spread across a table for purchase I picked some tintypes (see the post “photographer in the family”and several posted after that. ) and this one CDV.I think it is a shame that those photos were sold the way they were I wanted so much to buy them all but at first day estate sale prices I picked a small amount.
There were a number of cabinete cards but this small CDV was the most interesting and beautiful of all and the only CDV for sale.

Several Men In military uniform



Again these CDVs came out of the C.W. Reaves photo album.Unfortunately not many were inscribed with IDs and the placement of the photos seems a bit random . The second CDV here has ” My Uncle” written on the back and the third one has” My dear Brother in law” This first CDV has no markings all. I cropped each card down so the Photographers stamp appears below each photo.





Teenaged girl and little sister


Miss Katie Bache


This CDV along with those in the last several posts came out of a tattered photo album with “C W Reaves” on the cover.Most photos are from Montreal and New York.Some of the photos have names on the back written in pencil most have no ID at all.One photograph has the date 1866 on the back,much of this album look to be from the 1860s.

DSCF6689 DSCF6695 DSCF6693DSCF6694

Cute little girl sitting on the arm of a chair



Benjamin F. Powelson (1823-1885), [photographer / daguerreian] was first documented c.1850 with studios and various partnerships in Buffalo, NY, St. Catherines, Canada, and Ithaca, NY.  In 1861 he opened a new gallery in Rochester, NY at 58 State Street. He was reported with a gallery in Buffalo in 1863 and was active in Detroit, Michigan, from 1869 to 1880. He died in Buffalo in July, 1885.

Woman photographed by Mathew Brady in New York


This came out of a Large photo album with mostly CDVs and several spaces for cabinet cards.Most of the photos are from Montreal and many are from New York.While searching to match up brady CDVs online with mine I found several images with the same font on the lower right and left corners of the photo the few that I found were from New York although most seem to be from his Washington studio with a completly different font.
As many early photos buffs know Mathew Brady is most well known for photographing the tragedy that was the American civil war.