Mother and Daughter


Ambrotype 1/6 plate

Beautiful crisp image of a Mother and Daughter.The little girl seems to be positioned on a table next to the Woman,her hand can be seen behind the girls neck holding her head steady for this portrait.

2 responses to “Mother and Daughter

  1. Another great image. I always look forward to seeing them. Any thoughts on why there is an embossed Union Jack flag alongside the Stars and Stripes top center? Have you seen it before? Was it a marketing ploy to sell on both sides of the Atlantic? Did it celebrate anything, though I am guessing that this picture is from the 1860s and the UK was pretty equivocal about which side to support during the Civil War. Was it to recognise a particualr family’s heritage, in other words were there versions with the Tricolore for France or Italy or perhaps ones to acknowledge European Jewish heritage?
    So many questions…

  2. Great question that I wish I had answers too.I did not even notice the embossed part till a day after I had bought the image which was just a few days ago, I was so amazed by the detail of this one that I had over looked it. A day later over drinks I picked this up for closer examination and it was only then I noticed the embossed detail.

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