Beautiful woman with a feather in her hat

small cabinet card of woman

This photo is small like a CDV but much longer, maybe a type mini cabinet card?This was found with a number of tintypes at an estate sale last summer.Mutiple albums were removed of their contents and spread across a table for purchase I picked some tintypes (see the post “photographer in the family”and several posted after that. ) and this one CDV.I think it is a shame that those photos were sold the way they were I wanted so much to buy them all but at first day estate sale prices I picked a small amount.
There were a number of cabinete cards but this small CDV was the most interesting and beautiful of all and the only CDV for sale.

One response to “Beautiful woman with a feather in her hat

  1. What a lovely image – I love her wistful demeanor and her pretty face. Besides, she’s holding herself in a very modern way, and with her little straw hat!

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