Ma play that Victor talking machine


In this photo postcard a Woman looks to be getting ready to entertain her children with a victor talking machine,The decal on the phonograph did not scan well but it is a Victor machine.later in the teens victor machines were made into furniture with the horn inside a tall or short cabinet those machines were then called victrolas.The label on the record is easier to spot and is a victor record as well.Chances are that at the time of this photograph the victor machine was very new to this family the dealer probably sold the machine for around $25 and included a selection of records as well.
For me the labels were easy to spot as I am a collector of early 1900s Victor records.Very early records 1890s-1900 had music and grooves on one side of the disc by 1910 music was featured on both sides.Just imagine being one of the children in this photo while that wind up machine was playing those machines where and are very loud.There little minds must have been blown

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