Two Woman Photographed in Manchester New Hampshire

I found Both CDV photos together and both were photographed by Josiah True Langley

SCAN0066                     SCAN0600


Jesse Darlingtons second letter to Walker Y Wells Febuary 17 1863 Stafford Court House Virginia




In 1869 Waker Yarnall Wells would marry Amy darlington Jesse’s sister

Victorian Homes in Southern California


 One of the other photos from this lot  had “Estate in So Cal”written on the back.It is possible that these homes are in or near  San Bernardino or in Redlands CA were I found these Cabinet cards.The mountains in the back ground sure seem familiar.
But then these might also be in Los Angeles with the San Gabriel mountains beyond.

 I wonder if they are still standing?



This one may be a church?

Group of Athletic young Men


There is no writing on this photo to indicate as to what this group of men were involved in.The middle row has a few men with large arms.I first thought that they might be a rowing team but that is just a guess of course.Whatever it might have been probaably had something to do with sports.The men look young maybe high school?The man in the middle looks older and could be the coach.

Girls having fun in the Photographers studio.Detroit MI


Dated November 6th 1894 .This is a great shot of five girls having fun in the photo studio.They all have great smiles and two are pulling out the already puffy dress sleeves of the girl in the middle.The back is dated along with the names of the Girls but they are hard to read so I’m leaving it to the reader to decipher.Photographed in Detroit MI