Picking and Drinking


Here is a real interesting photo.A group of men playing stringed instruments and drinking what is probably the latest batch of something made out in the woods.One man is pouring a glass while the others play away.The banjo player’s flailing hand is a blur,backing up the two fiddlers.There are plenty of bottles on the table and on the ground.What a day of music and drinking that must have been.
This photo was developed today using the original glass negative.Thanks Cherie!!

5 responses to “Picking and Drinking

  1. I love this one. I’d have tried to buy that one if I saw it! Interesting to see the plants in the window. And I love the 2 on the left. You can see the outfits so well.

  2. I actually bought the glass negative last summer and just got the chance to get it developed yesterday.My friend was experimenting after a long time away from the dark room.so it took a few prints before getting a clear one .its not perfect but i was very happy to finaly get this print made we will go back in and try for a better copy.I know a few friends who would love a copy

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