Two Woman Photographed in Manchester New Hampshire

I found Both CDV photos together and both were photographed by Josiah True Langley

SCAN0066                     SCAN0600

7 responses to “Two Woman Photographed in Manchester New Hampshire

  1. Found your comment on my blog Thrilled to find your two photos by Josiah true Langley, who as I guess you know was my late wife’s grandfather. I have often wondered how many of his studio portraits are “out there” somewhere. I’m curious to know where you found these two photos. Your blog is great – thanks!

    • Wow! Josiah True Langley made his way all the way out to CA! So I guess in theory you could find his photographs in an antique store anywhere in the country.

      • Well at least his photos made it out to the one antique shop I found those two images.I find photos from the east and south part of the states at local antiques shops all the time,what I do not find are images created on the west coast.very few if any show up at all.
        whatever shows up here Ia m sure traveled with the ancestors of those families or with lots of antiques bought out east and sold out here.It kills me to see civil war era or Victorian family photo albums broken up then photos sold individually.

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