Victorian Homes in Southern California


 One of the other photos from this lot  had “Estate in So Cal”written on the back.It is possible that these homes are in or near  San Bernardino or in Redlands CA were I found these Cabinet cards.The mountains in the back ground sure seem familiar.
But then these might also be in Los Angeles with the San Gabriel mountains beyond.

 I wonder if they are still standing?



This one may be a church?

2 responses to “Victorian Homes in Southern California

  1. Sergio: The house with the two palms in the front, and the three chimneys is indeed that of Gov. H. H. Markham on the west side of South Pasadena Avenue, Pasadena, right across the street form what is now the Huntington Memorial Hospital. He came to Pasadena on Washington’s Birthday, 1879, purchased 23 acres and built this house there. It has been demolished.

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