Two Hunters

The men look to be holding double barrel shotguns. The man on the left is wearing overalls over a 3 piece suit and both are wearing bowler hats.
A friend of mine thinks they may have been hunting duck.
The back of this photo is dated 1907.There is a rip down the middle but this was too interesting not to post.

Children Posing for Class Photo

scan0257The children here seem to be nervous and unsure of tha fact that they have to get together for a class photo.This photo looks like it was taken possibly in front of the school house. Boys are positioned below the girls who are on the steps leading into the building. A few boys seem unhappy about the bowties their mothers dressed them up with.The children look to be in kindergarten or 1st grade. My guess is that this photo was taken sometime in the 1900s
There are no markings of any kind on this photo.

Man With Top Hat and Coat Photographed Outdoors

There are no marking of any kind to identify the photographer or the person photographed in this photo. I did pick this out from a lot of European cdvs. I like that this image was taken out doors. We can see another person who made it into the photo in the background. Our man looks to be along a walk way and there is what looks like a building to the right and part of a fence and another building in the background. He seems to be holding something in his left hand maybe a pipe?

Two Young Women and a Stereopticon

This great photo looks to be set up in a portable studio outdoors notice the grass at the bottom of the photo.The girls are using a stereopticon or stereoviewer to look at photographs. The device comes in a wood case that folds out with one large magnifying lense for better examination of photographs and below are two smaller lenses for viewing 3D stereocards

Five Teenage Girls


Girl at the right and possibly the girl next to her are  members of the Whiting family from Butte Montana. At the right is Lillian who would later marry George W Wotoring, a Merchant from Boise Idaho.

Lillian had two sisters named Mabel and Grace. All three sisters could be photographed here together but I’m just unsure at this point. The two girls at the end look so much alike. The small photo at the top of this post would be Lillian as well.

Photographed by Elite Studio Butte Montana