Free Range Chicken Ranch

chicken ranch 3

“Helen M Berg and her father”
Here we have what I believe to be an early chicken ranch and farm. I’m guessing that this might be in Southern California since I found it here and I have also found other similar photographs marked Southern California in the past.
We can see that there are areas fenced and separated from each other each have chicken houses and to the left the small trees look like oaks. There is also a line of nesting boxes under one of the oak trees.The reason that the chickens might have been separated could have been so that breeds did not cross with each other. The farmer would have been doing this in order to have a certain selection for sale. Some chickens are better for laying eggs while others are better for meat. Keeping the birds separated would have been very important to keeping breeds pure. The chickens were probably very happy with plenty of sunshine and space to scratch around in. Little Helen looks to be digging into her pail of chicken feed and over to the right behind Helen’s father are what looks to be a field with rows of squash or melons.

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